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The story of Camp Liberté

Camp Liberté is an independent, charitable organization run by volunteers. The camp lasts six days and is open to children from across Canada who have moderate to severe skin conditions. It was inspired by a group of dermatologists dedicated to offering children an opportunity to enjoy a summer camp experience. These dermatologists knew only too well about the children who preferred to spend their summers indoors rather than subject themselves to the looks and hushed comments by the pool or at camps. The physicians were determined to provide a safe, confidence-building alternative.

They rallied their association – the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) – and its members for support and incorporated in 2009 as the Société Camp Liberté Society. The Society is run by an independent Board of Directors and is funded solely through donations from the CDA and its members, the dermatology industry, and other kind sponsors.

The comments from parents and children alike indicate that the vision of the first six dermatologists is starting to come true. Children’s lives are changing for the better because of Camp Liberté.


The mission of Camp Liberté is to provide Canadian children with chronic skin conditions an opportunity to grow in confidence and self-esteem through a multi-cultural outdoor camping experience in a fun, safe, bilingual, environment.

« Je ne sais pas si vous vous doutez du bien que vous faites à ces enfants. Mille fois merci! »

“You can’t know what a difference you are making in the lives of these children. I can’t thank you enough” (translation of the above)