Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Our donors make Camp Liberté a reality for many children each summer. They are the reason why our campers leave with higher self-esteem, healthy friendships and lifetime memories.

As a dermatologist, Camp Liberté is so important to me. Providing medical care and support for children with serious skin conditions is part of my job. My donation to Camp Liberté is my way of extending that support, beyond the walls of my practice and into a carefree space, where children can comfortably be themselves and enjoy summer camp. Dr. Irina Turchin



We thank our 2023 supporters for their commitment to Camp Liberté. 


Our Supporters

The generous financial donations of organizations allow us to continue to send children with moderate to severe skin conditions to summer camp. We extend our sincere thanks to the generous donors who support Camp Liberté.


Master Campers >50K

Ultimate Superheroes 25K – 50K

Superheroes 10K – 25K




Defenders 2K – 10K


Atlantic Provinces Dermatology Association


Galderma Walk

Sandi’s Fund


Campers <2K



ENDOWMENT $250,000