Benefits of volunteering


Volunteering at Camp Liberté is a great way for dermatology residents to get valuable experience, connect with other healthcare professionals, and develop a better understanding of young patients outside the practice setting.

Since Camp Liberté’s inception, our resident volunteers rave about the professional opportunities and, most importantly, they enjoy connecting with the children and helping them to create their own camp memories. Without a doubt, resident volunteers are an integral part of the success of Camp Liberté. We thank all volunteers for their commitment.


Camp perks

Camp Liberté is a career booster for dermatology residents. Our volunteers gain new skills; grow their knowledge base, while working along side other healthcare professionals.

On top of these benefits, volunteers get to spend time with patients in a non-clinical setting, which gives professionals an insight into what it means to live with a skin condition and develop empathy.

Additionally, the experience gained at Camp Liberté can be used to develop a personal learning project that is eligible for Section 2 credits and for some volunteers, your program director might allow you to use the time as an elective.

Your involvement will provide families the peace of mind that comes with knowing their child’s skin condition will be properly cared for.


Interested in volunteering?

We are interested in dermatology-resident volunteers who are ready to head to summer camp..

As a volunteer, onsite residents will be required to provide treatment to the campers, work with other healthcare providers and assist camp staff with activities.

All healthcare volunteers are required to remain on their respective campsite for the duration of the camp.

To volunteer at Camp Liberté, you:

  • Must be a dermatology resident
  • Must include a resume as part of your application along with a one-page letter telling us why you want to volunteer at Camp Liberté
  • Submit your application by March 31 to [email protected]
*All volunteers are required to have a police background check.

Once your application is received, the Camp Liberté Board of Directors will review your application, along with all other submissions and select two candidates for each camp. 


Still, have questions?

A great deal goes on at summer camp, and like our campers, you might have questions. We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your decision to participate in Camp Liberté. Please send any question not included in our list to [email protected] and we will get back to you with an answer.