Attending Camp Liberté

About attending Camp Liberté

Camp Liberté is open to children with moderate to severe skin conditions who want to experience summer camp with other kids going through similar experiences. At Camp Liberté, all campers have the opportunity to forget their worries, learn new skills, meet new friends and develop self-confidence in a safe and fun environment at no charge to parents.

Camp Liberté has two site locations, one in Quebec called Camp East and the other in Alberta referred to as Camp West. We do our best to accommodate campers at the location that is closest to their home, however this is not always possible for several reasons.


Dates TBC, at Camp East, which is the Camp Papillion facilities in Quebec.

Sunday, August 2 to Friday, August 7, 2020, at Camp West, which is the Camp Horizon location in Alberta.


All campers at Camp Liberté are under the care of volunteer dermatologists, resident dermatologists and nurses. All permanent camp staff and camp counsellors at both host campsites are specially trained to deal with a variety of medical situations and are available, like the healthcare providers; to meet the children’s needs all day and all night.

To attend Camp Liberté, the child’s dermatologist must make the referral by following the camp’s outlined referral process. All Camp Liberté campers attend the six-day summer camp for free, thanks to the generous support of the Canadian Dermatology Association, its members, organizations and other interested individuals.

While at camp, all campers must be responsible for their own words and actions, be honest, act with integrity, be accountable, and show respect for others. Camp Liberté has a zero tolerance for bullying and fighting.

To help determine if Camp Liberté is the right camp this summer, we have gathered a series of Frequently Asked Questions for parents and children, provided information about Camp Papillion, which we refer to as Camp East and Camp Horizon, which is called Camp West.

All campers get to look forward to six fun-filled days of great outdoor activities such as swimming, canoeing, zip lining, and fishing along with doing crafts, singing camp songs, or getting involved in a talent show or a play.