What To Expect

What to expect at Camp Liberté’s Camp West Location

Imagine. Every day you can select your own adventure! You can choose from a variety of activities. Campers at Camp Horizon get to explore the great outdoors, learn new skills, traverse tree-top rope courses, swing on a giant swing, rock climb, hang out around the campfire, sing some Karaoke, and challenge themselves in ways they never thought imaginable, all while developing self-esteem and making new friends.

The Camp Horizon staff and counsellors are committed to making summer camp unique for their guests right from the start.

It’s without a doubt that getting to camp is an essential step to having summer fun.  A Camp Horizon representative will greet all campers flying to the camp at the Calgary International airport. This person will transport all campers directly to the camp. Families may also choose to drive their children directly to the campsite.

At the Camp Horizon facility, camp counsellors work with a medical team consisting of one board-certified dermatologist, two resident dermatologists and one nurse.  The medical team ensures medical compliance with topical creams and oral medications, along with the proper use of sunscreen. All children will meet the Camp Liberté medical team on their first day when they arrive.

To help get friendships growing while at Camp Horizon, all campers will be in teams of about eight to 10 children under the supervision of two to three counsellors. These counsellors sleep in the same cabin as the campers, but in a separate room. The counsellors take turns being on night duty, so every night one counsellor will be “on call” and be available to the children.

One thing about camp, everyone eats together and no one goes hungry. It’s important that all campers receive three meals a day, along with afternoon and evening snacks, to keep energy levels high for all the activities. Camp Horizon is a nut-free facility. All food allergies or accommodations need to be disclosed on your application form. The Camp Liberté team will inform the cafeteria staff to ensure the necessary modifications are made.

Everyone wants campers to enjoy a wide range of experiences and celebrate summer fun, and we end camp with a fun party to make sure everyone leaves camp with memories to last a lifetime. The camp counsellors do take photos of the campers and each child goes home with their own set of photos to remember their time at Camp Liberté.


Still, have questions? Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions for Parents or Children. If your question is not on the list, please email [email protected].