Parents and Kids FAQ

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Heading off to camp, particularly if this is the first time, can be daunting for parents and children.  Everyone wants to get a sense of what camp will be like and what they can expect once they arrive. We have gathered together a series of frequently asked questions for parents and another set for children. If you or your child have any questions that were not covered off in either list, please email at [email protected].



Frequently asked questions from parents

What kind of training do the counsellors receive?

Camp East, Camp Papillon, Lanaudière, Quebec
All counsellors receive extensive training on working with clients with disabilities. A low instructor/camper ration ensures a unique and safe experience for all.

Camp West, Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek, Alberta
All counsellors undergo an intense week of training in June before campers arrive. Staff are trained in all aspects of camp including programs, games, personal care, feeding, behavior support, helping with homesickness and more. All staff must have their Standard First Aid and CPR-C by the time camp begins.

Camp Marcoux, Camp Maple Leaf, Ennismore, Ontario 
The camp staff receive up to two weeks of training depending on their age and when their school year ends. Training sessions can be grouped into the categories, with priority in this order: 

  • Safety (physical as well as emotional) 
  • Friendship (Creating an environment where campers will make friendship that follow them home.) 
  • Fun (Programming) 

Who will meet my child at the airport?

Unless accompanied by a Camp Liberté volunteer, all campers who are traveling by plane have the unaccompanied service from the airline. Your child will be greeted by a Camp Liberté staff member from the host camp once they arrive at the destination airport. 

How will my child’s medication be stored?

All medication is stored and locked in the nurse’s storage unit. Only the medical staff has access to this storage unit.

What if my child gets sick/injured?

Each camp has its own process to handle sick or injured children.

Camp East, Camp PapillonLanaudière, Quebec

Camp West, Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek, Alberta
All of Camp Horizon staff are required to have a current Standard First Aid and CPR certificate and each cabin and program staff are provided with a first aid kit. Depending on the severity of the injury, the counsellors and program staff will call the medical staff using the radios provided. The counsellors will indicate the severity of the injury using a code system (red, yellow and green). If an ambulance needs to be called, the management team will be contacted and will make the call to emergency services. Parents will be notified by the camp if there are any concerns. If the injury is severe, an incident report form will also be completed. The camp counsellors are aware of the special considerations for dermatology campers.

Camp Marcoux, Camp Maple Leaf, Ennismore, Ontario 
All of our staff are first aid and CPR certified.  In addition to the Dermatology Medical Team we have a full summer Camp Nurse who lives at the camp and is available 24/7.  We have a fully stocked medical centre but if we need to bring your camper to the hospital, we are about a 5 min. boat ride to the mainland dock and ½ hour drive to the hospital. 

How do you handle food allergies?

Camp East, Camp PapillonLanaudière, Quebec
All food allergy information is sent to Camp Papillon in advance of the camp. The cafeteria staff are made aware of all food allergies to ensure all necessary dietary considerations are met.

Camp West, Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek, Alberta
All food allergy information is sent to Camp Horizon in advance of the camp. The nutritionist will review the information to ensure all dietary considerations are met.

Camp Marcoux, Camp Maple Leaf, Ennismore, Ontario 
All food allergy information is sent in advance of the camp. The nursing and kitchen staff are made aware of all food allergies to ensure all necessary dietary considerations are met. 

How do I know if my child is qualified to attend Camp Liberté?

Camp eligibility is determined based on the recommendation of your child’s dermatologist, and approval by the Camp Liberté selection committee. For more information, please review our referral process.

How can I communicate with my child during camp?

Camp East, Camp PapillonLanaudière, Quebec
You can contact your child by calling the camp office and leaving a message at 1-877-937-6172 x210.
During camp, children are given the opportunity to call a parent. Do not worry if you child does not call, he or she is probably having too much fun!

Camp West, Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek, Alberta
You can contact your child by calling the camp office at 403-949-3818.

Camp Marcoux, Camp Maple Leaf, Ennismore, Ontario 
Families will have the Camp Maple Leaf Director cell number (647-966-1239) and they can reach out 24/7. Photos and videos are posted daily on Camp Maple Leaf Facebook page so you can see your kids in action and share their memories when they get home!   
 If a child is absolutely desperate to contact their family we will do it by ‘carrier pigeon.’ The child hand writes a note I take a picture of it and email it to the parent. Then the parent hand writes a letter back and I’ll print it for the child. Sometimes I go back-and-forth a few times but this is rare as the kids hardly need this.  

Do staff sleep in the same cabin as the campers?

Camp East, Camp PapillonLanaudière, Quebec
Yes. Depending on the layout of the cabin, a counsellor will sleep either in the hallway or living room to be near campers if required.

Camp West, Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek, Alberta
Yes.  The dorms have staff rooms connected to each cabin. Counsellors are available during the night to help with any camper needs.

Camp Marcoux, Camp Maple Leaf, Ennismore, Ontario 
Yes.  Two staff sleep in the staff room within the cabin with their campers. 

What is the check-in procedure for my child?

Camp East, Camp PapillonLanaudière, Quebec
We will include a map of the camp in your information booklet we provide once your child is registered. If you are driving to the camp, you need to park your vehicle once you arrive and direct yourself to the Lion cabin. The medical team and the host counsellors will be there to greet you and your child for the check-in procedure.

Camp West, Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek, Alberta
It takes about a half hour to check-in your child. If you are driving to the camp, you will be greeted by camp staff, usually dressed in very colourful costumes, in the parking lot. These greeters will guide you and your child to the appropriate dorm. Next, you will need to visit the registrar in the main hall who will sign your child in and take any pertinent documents. This is followed by a meeting with our nursing team. The meeting with the nurse is to go over any limitations and medication questions you might have and it will take about five minutes. You and your child will then be introduced to their team of counsellors who will take over after you say goodbye with some fun games and activities.

Who should I contact for additional information?

For additional information regarding Camp Liberté, please email [email protected].

How much will it cost for my child to attend Camp Liberté?

There is no fee to attend the Camp Liberté. All costs, including transportation, are provided through generous donations from the members of the Canadian Dermatology Association, and other organizations and individuals.

Questions Kids often ask

Who will look after me?

The amazing people who will look after you are called camp counsellors. All counsellors have experience and training working with kids like you at summer camp. They are all here to make sure that you have a fantastic time at camp. Also, there are dermatologists and nurses onsite at all times to help you with any medical concerns.

How long is camp?

Camp is for six days.

Where will I sleep?

You will be sleeping in a cabin with campers who are the same age and same group as you. There are separate cabins for boys and girls. You won’t be roughing it! All cabins have full washroom facilities (just outside at Camp Maple Leaf), running water and warm showers! You camp counsellor will also be nearby at night should you need any assistance.

Are there other kids like me at camp?

Camp Liberté is a camp for kids that have all types of skin conditions at different stages of treatment. All the campers at Camp Liberté are under the care of a dermatologist and know what it’s like to have skin conditions. Camp Liberté will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet others going through a similar journey. In the end, everyone is there to have fun!

Will I meet new friends?

Without a doubt, you will meet friends. Sometimes friends made at camp turn into life-long friends. You will have many opportunities to meet new people. First, you will get to know kids from your cabin. Then you will meet others from different cabins. Everyone at Camp Liberté understands what you are going through and all campers want to have good memories to take home.

What happens if I get sick at camp?

All camp counsellors are trained to help you should you get sick or injured at camp. You can also count on dermatologists and nurses to make sure you are well taken care of.

How do I take my medicine?

Your medicine will be given to the nursing staff when you arrive to keep in a safe place.  When you meet the nurse, he or she will give instructions from as to when and where to go to take your medicine. If you forget when and where to go, don’t worry; your counsellor will be able to help you get it all sorted out.

What kind of activities will I do at camp?

There is so much to do at Camp Liberté. Every year we spice it up and change some of the activities. But you can count on swimming, canoeing, zip lining (not available at Camp Maple Leaf), fishing, crafts and even painting a camp counsellor!

What is a normal day like at camp?

There’s never a typical day at camp with so many activities to choose from to keep you busy. Every day begins with a hearty breakfast to power you through your morning activities. Lunch is served, and afterwards, you will participate in more activities. In the evening there might be a campfire, a play or a talent show before you head off to bed. Lights-out depends on the age of the campers, so some will be up later than others. The camp package your parents received will have more details.

What will I eat at camp?

One big thing about camp is: no one eats alone! Everyone comes together in a dining hall, and this allows you another opportunity to meet new people, tell stories or sing silly camp songs. You will be given a nutritious meal (Shhh! Perhaps with some dessert), to keep your energy up to finish all your activities. Also, the kitchen staff are aware of food allergies.

What happens if I get homesick?

It’s normal to miss home, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Most of the camp counsellors went to summer camp when they were kids and understand being homesick. If you are missing home, talk to your counsellor, they are there to help you.

Can my parents visit me while at camp?

No, this camp is for kids. It’s your chance to become independent, build self-confidence, and meet new people outside of your family, school or community.

Why should I come to camp?

Camp is a fantastic opportunity for you! You have the chance to swim, go zip lining (not available Camp Maple Leaf), canoeing and do so much more. On top of all the activities, you get to meet new friends, perhaps get involved in a play or showcase your talents at a talent show. You will undoubtedly leave camp with friendships, memories, and new skills.