About Camp Maple Leaf

About Camp Marcoux at the Camp Maple Leaf facilities

Camp Maple Leaf is a charitable organization. The camp was founded in 1955. Camp Maple Leaf gives children of Canadian military families and children living with unique life challenges a safe, fun-filled and life-changing summer camp experience. Our program is designed to provide a supportive social network that campers can lean on and relate to throughout the year, the realization that they are not alone with the challenges they face, a normalization of their life situations, new coping skills, and increased resilience. 

Our 3 to 1 ratio (campers to staff) allows us to accommodate children from ages 7 to 14 of various abilities. We also provide leadership opportunities for our older campers.  We are located on Jacobs Island, which is a 104-acre private island on Pigeon Lake, in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada.  Transportation to the island is included from locations central to where campers reside. We are a short 5-minute barge ride from our exclusive, mainland dock to the island. 

Our campers are with us for 5 magical nights and 6 jam-packed days.  We have 6 goals to accomplish during the camper’s time with us.   

  1. Friendships that will follow camper’s home.  
  2. Fun and memories that will last forever.  
  3. Try something new that they can’t do at home.  
  4. Personal Growth.  
  5. Sense of belonging to a unique camp family.  
  6. A respect and understanding for our heroes.  

Everything we do is “Challenge By Choice”.  We encourage the campers to challenge themselves and take safe risks in our very supportive atmosphere.   One of the biggest challenges for many of our children is realizing they can be happy and safe without their parents.  They will realize they are capable and can be independent.  Everyday camp things such as brushing their teeth or working through an argument with a cabin mate leads to a feeling of independence resulting in an increase of self-esteem.  They will learn to thrive in new environments, advocate for themselves when they need to, and work through challenges like conflict and group dynamics with the problem-solving skills they learn at camp.   

And yes…they will be fine without their screens or their phone calls home!  But not to worry, all parents can reach camp staff at all times.