Camp Liberté

About Camp Liberté

Camp Liberté offers children with skin conditions the opportunity to experience the magic of summer camp. We believe at Camp Liberté that children need the opportunity to grow through fun and enriching experiences to develop new skills and build self-esteem all while enjoying the wonders of nature.

Since inception in 2009, more than 304 kids have enjoyed the Camp Liberté summer-camp experience. The camp is an independent, charitable organization.

The six-day camp is open to children across Canada who have moderate to severe skin conditions. The camp is offered in five locations: Camp East hosted by Camp Papillon in Quebec, Camp Marcoux hosted by Camp Maple Leaf in Ontario, Camp Maritime hosted by Camp Maple Leaf in New Brunswick, Camp West facilitated by Camp Horizon in Alberta and Camp BC facilitated by Camp Winfield in British Columbia.

There are no fees for camp. All costs are covered through donations by pharmaceutical companies, dermatologists, and other passionate supporters. All campers are under the expert care of dermatologists and nurses 24 hours a day.

We offer a safe, fun, camp experience English and French. Campers return from Camp Liberté with more confidence, a greater appreciation for nature, and long-lasting relationships.

Camp Liberté’s Roots

More than a decade ago, a group of dermatologists began a conversation about how great it would be to offer their young patients an opportunity to enjoy a summer camp experience. The group worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life, ensuring that the camp was safe, medically supervised, bilingual and fun!

In 2009, these dedicated dermatologists rallied the Canadian Dermatology Association and its membership to establish Camp Liberté as a charitable organization. Today, the camp is run by a Board of Directors, supported by staff, and open to children from across Canada with moderate to severe skin conditions.