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“I hardly recognized my son; he was so at ease, he had taken off his cap, which he wears even to bed sometimes. He is very self-conscious about his alopecia. I was also amazed to see how the children were so supportive and encouraging of their peers who had difficulties coping with their conditions.” When asked what he thought about his time, he replied: “I loved learning new stuff – I can even say “will you be my friend” in French!”

Camp Liberté offers your 7 to 14 year old, who has a skin condition, the opportunity to enjoy a summer camp experience.  It is a fun, safe, quality experience they will never forget!

Who will be taking care of your child?

Camp Liberté nurse station and staff

East location
In addition to Camp Liberté volunteer dermatologists and nurses, the permanent camp staff (from Camp Papillon) are bilingual and specially trained to deal with a variety of medical situations. There is a counselor in the dorm all night with the campers and both a doctor and nurse on call around the clock. Your child will be secure and all their special needs met. All volunteers apply to our Board of Directors and are screened before coming to camp.

Camp Liberté is a place of caring and has a zero tolerance for bullying and fighting.

What kinds of activities are planned?

The activities vary somewhat from year to year but your kids can count on seeing at least these popular ones come back:Campfire pit

  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Zip lining
  • Fishing
  • Crafts
  • Paint-a counselor