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Contact Info | 800.267.3376

For a referral or to register for camp:

Talk to your child’s dermatologist: He or she needs to complete the referral form. Once completed, he or she can send it electronically to, by fax to 866.267.2178 or by mail to 1385 Bank Street, Suite 425, Ottawa, Ontario  K1H 8N4.

Throughout the year:

You can contact Camp Liberté at:

1385 Bank Street, Suite 425,
Ottawa, Ontario   K1H 8N4
613.738.1748 | 800.267.3376 ext. 221

Referral Form:

English Referral Form
French Referral Form

East Location – Lanaudière, QC

During camp, Sunday, August 4 to Friday, August 9, 2019:

You can reach Camp Papillon (Host Campsite for Camp Liberté East) at:

210, Papillon Avenue
Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Québec   J0K 1W0
450.883.5642 | 877.937.6172

West Location – Bragg Creek, AB

During camp, Sunday, August 26, to Friday, August 31, 2018:

You Can reach Easter Seals Camp Horizon (Host Campsite for Camp Liberté West) at:

Box 540
Bragg Creek AB T0L 0K0

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