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Category Archives: Volunteer Stories

Reflections on the first Camp Liberté in Western Canada

By Tess Peters, MSc MD At the end of the camp we did a brief interview with each child. When asked “What was your favourite thing about camp?”, one boy replied “There were other kids that were like me, but just didn’t (have) the same condition as I did.” When he said this, I knew […]

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Camp Liberté: A Valuable Experience for Residents

By: Cathryn Sibbald, MD This summer marked the 7th consecutive year of Camp Liberte, which took place from July 26 to 31st at Camp Papillon, just north of Montreal. There was a large team helping throughout the week, including our supervising dermatologist Dre Danielle Marcoux, myself, Marie-Claude Ouelette (4th year dermatology resident from the University […]

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The Difference a Week at Camp Liberté can make….

By: Margaret Miodeuszewski, MD & Claudia J. Posso-De Los Rios, MD Greetings from Camp Liberté! Camp Liberté, led by Dr. Danielle Marcoux and supported by the Canadian Dermatology Association, has been running for the past five years. The Camp is situated on Lake St. Pierre in Lanaudière, Québec and is hosted by Camp Papillon dedicated […]

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Experience Camp Liberté

By: Reid Vender, Hamilton, Ontario 2012 Camp Volunteer This summer, for one incredible week, I had the gracious opportunity and pleasure of volunteering at a camp whose essence screams freedom and strength. As the name suggests, Camp Liberté empowers freedom and strength for children between the ages of seven to eleven years with mild to moderate […]

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