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So, are you curious about where you’d eat and sleep?Eating and Sleeping at Camp Liberté

East location
The east camp is at a place called Camp Papillon – it means butterfly. We have a cottage with bunk beds. We bring special covers for the beds so they’re not itchy. And there’s a cafeteria with good food made specially. If you need special food, they take care of it for you.

Worried about feeling home sick?

Going away to camp for the first time or even the second time can be a little hard. It’s ok. Lots of kids feel that way. If you need to call home, there is a phone at the camp.

Abraska adventures at Camp Liberté

And don’t worry about bringing a camera…

At the end of the camp, we give you pictures of you and everyone else at camp. That way… you don’t have to worry about carrying around your camera.