An independent, charitable organisation run by volunteers.

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Welcome to Camp Papillon official host of Camp LibertéHost campsite: Camp Papillon in Quebec

Camp Liberté takes place on the grounds of Camp Papillon a 40-acre compound on Lake St Pierre in the Lanaudière region of Quebec. Camp Liberté takes full advantage of the extraordinary skills of Papillon’s expertly trained camp facilitators. Camp Papillon belongs to the Quebec Society for Disabled Children and as such is fully equipped to meet both the recreational fun and special needs of campers.

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Working together is central to our survival

Rock climbing at Camp Liberté

Volunteers: In addition to the Camp Papillon facilitators, Camp Liberté ensures that every camp is staffed with a team of volunteer dermatologists, residents (doctors who are dermatologists in training), nurses and others. The Board recruits primarily from among the members and affiliate members and families of the Canadian Dermatology Association. Everyone is screened before they come to camp.

Donors: Being a charitable organization run by volunteers means that Camp Liberté Society supporters, like the Canadian Dermatology Association and its members, industry and other donors are essential to our success. We all share a commitment to better outcomes for children who are too often ostracized for no good reason. The funds we raise together ensure that there are no financial barriers for families in sending their children on this experience of a lifetime. Without this generosity, the camp visionaries would not be able to look back on five years of small gestures turned into giant leaps of confidence and self-esteem in the young lives of kids who might otherwise still be hiding in their homes.